• function

Options as Coordinates

move(options [,success])

Moves an element into another element or coordinates. This will trigger mouseover mouseouts accordingly. This takes the same paramameters as [syn.prototype.move move].


  1. options {String | Object}

    A selector or coordinates describing the motion of the move.

    Options as a Selector
    Passing a string selector to move the mouse. The move runs to the center of the element matched by the selector. The following moves from the center of #foo to the center of #bar. ```js F('#foo').move('#bar') ```
  2. success {function()}Optional

    a callback that runs after the drag, but before the next action.



returns the funcunit object for chaining.

You can pass in coordinates as clientX and clientY:

``` Or as pageX and pageY

``` Or relative to the start position
F('#foo').move('+10 +20')
 <h5>Options as an Object</h5>
 You can configure the duration, start, and end point of a move by passing in a json object.

//drags from 0x0 to 100x100 in 2 seconds
  from: "0x0",
  to: "100x100",
  duration: 2000