• function

type(text [,success])

Types text into an element. This makes use of [syn.type] and works in a very similar way.

Quick Examples

```js //types hello world F('#bar').type('helloworld')

//submits a form by typing \r F("input[name=age]").type("27\r")

//types FuncUnit, then deletes the Unit F('#foo').type("FuncUnit\b\b\b\b")

//types JavaScriptMVC, then removes the MVC F('#zar').type("JavaScriptMVC[left][left][left]"+ "[delete][delete][delete]")

//types JavaScriptMVC, then selects the MVC and //deletes it F('#zar').type("JavaScriptMVC[shift]"+ "[left][left][left]"+ "[shift-up][delete]")


  1. text {String}

    the text you want to type

  2. success {function()}Optional

    a callback that is run after typing, but before the next action.



returns the funcUnit object for chaining.


For a list of the characters you can type, check [syn.keycodes].